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About Us

Ethioder Pvt.Ltd.Co. With many years of experience, is a Ethiopian registered company with its headquarter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

We possess the necessary personnel, transit agents and financial resources that enable us to provide an efficient import service of different types of brand new and used light vehicles, trucks, machineries, Hotel amenities and camping equipments to our customers in Ethiopia. We also keep different types of duty paid automobiles and trucks stock on our premises for the convenience of our clients, making it easy for everyone to come and buy stock as they need it urgently.

Our Professional Experts and the broad array of our customer base has, and continues to give us pricing competitive advantages over our competitors as we are able to negotiate directly with manufacturers.

Due to our high quality goods, competitive price and the customer satisfaction after-sales, we earned the best reputation among our clients as a matter of result we created many loyal clients.

Our Range of Import service includes (but not limited to)

Brand new and used light vehicles

  • Automobile for personal and company use.
  • Special vehicles for off road for different companies like tour, mining, projects,
  • Cash In Transit vehicles for banks

Brand new and used Trucks

  • Refrigerator trucks for flower, fruit and meat exporter companies
  • Trucks for construction companies
  • Special 4WD trucks for different mining companies and projects.
  • Different brand and type of machineries for construction companies and projects.
  • Consumable hotel amenities for hotels.
  • Warrior tents with full floor, electrical and AC accessories.
  • Different types of small tents
  • Prefab houses with their full accessories.
  • Generators

Brand new and used Machineries

 Hotel Amenities

Camping equipments


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Ethiopia uses 220 volts and 50 Hz. It is best to bring your own round, two-prong adapter. American...


In every way Ethiopia is unique!  It has its own languages, its own calendar, its own brand of Christianity and a landscape that is unparalleled.